To Live and Die in L.A. [1985]

Welcome! The lobby of the Deranged L.A. Crimes theater is open. Grab a bucket of popcorn, some Milk Duds and a Coke and find a seat.

Tonight’s feature is TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A., starring Willem Dafoe, William Petersen, and Jane Leeves.

Enjoy the movie!

IMDB says:

Working largely in cases of counterfeiting, LA based Secret Service agent Richie Chance exhibits reckless behavior which according to his longtime and now former partner Jimmy Hart will probably land him in the morgue before he’s ready to retire. That need for the thrill manifests itself in his personal life by his love of base jumping. Professionally, it is demonstrated by the fact that he is sextorting a parolee named Ruth Lanier, who feeds him information in return for him not sending her back to prison for some trumped up parole violation.

6 thoughts on “To Live and Die in L.A. [1985]

    • Russ, I confess, when I chose films to watch I use two basic criteria–body count, and things blowing up. I have a simple mind, and simpler tastes.

  1. This is a great movie. Unfortunately I am blocked by mgm from seeing it here, but may check it out on my cable pay per view option.

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