Constance Renner Was A Bad Girl

Mrs. Constance Renner shared a cell with Louise Peete, and when she attempted suicide it was Peete who alerted a jail matron and saved her life.

I wonder if Louise cheered Constance on when, a few months later, the woman and a companion escaped from Tehachapi. Below is an article from the L.A. Times about the escape. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any further mention of Renner in the paper.

My last name is Renner, and Constance sounds like she could easily have been one of the wacko fruits on my family tree. I may have to search…




3 thoughts on “Constance Renner Was A Bad Girl

  1. Now you’ll have to keep us up dated as to whether you are related to Constance or not. Thanks for finishing out this story. You have to hand it to them, they were remarkable. Maybe this is why you have such an interest in crime?

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