Roofie Romeos, Conclusion

One thing the trial of the Spitzer twins made clear, they were like two perverted peas in a pod.  Aside from the horror of the rapes they committed, the litany of creepy behaviors in which the twins engaged are appalling.

The prosecutor sought to demonstrate that the twins “executed a common design or plan to have sex with the same woman.”  Part of the prosecution’s case was to show videotapes, not only of the rapes, but of the twins mugging for the camera and referring to themselves as “The World’s Swingingest Lovers.”  They failed, at every opportunity, to comprehend that they were not lovers of women, they were rapists.

In one of the most disturbing tapes the twins are naked, and aroused, in each other’s presence. The defense attorney attempted to sell the notion that the 40-year olds were acting “…like 12-year old boys in a locker room.”  The prosecutor refuted that characterization and suggested that “these are 40-year old men turning each other on, and the only thing [that is] lacking in this film is the woman to actually penetrate while they are having this sexually provocative act.”

The jurors were also treated to scenes from the twins’ porno movie, “Kisses From Romania—its one and only public showing. The jury gave it twelve thumbs down.  The movie is shot documentary style and consists of a series of scenes in which “Julian” a rich American film producer, is in Bucharest looking for the most beautiful Romanian woman to make a movie. Julian manages to entice several women and the scene cuts to a dirty sofa bed where Julian quizzes the women about their sexual fantasies. One woman says that she has fantasized about lesbian sex. Another says she enjoys romantic sex and wants to do it in a boat.  Another says she has tried anal sex. Each woman, after a bribe, is invited to undress slowly.  There is a lukewarm sex scene that has nothing to do with the previously mentioned fantasies.

The film was reviewed by a Romanian porn aficionado.  He said that the women were not erotic, although they conveyed “hunger and poverty.”  If you’re curious, here is an edited clip from the film in which there is no nudity.

Another of the tapes showed Stefan sodomizing a woman with a foreign object, attempting oral copulation, and committing rape. Stefan said the women on those tapes were not drugged and that he and George had only made the videotape for their own “private amusement.”

The twins admitted that some of the videos were made without consent, but claimed that they only engaged in consensual sex. “They were all having a good time,” Stefan said.

The twins seemed confident that the rape charges would not be proved. Date-rape cases are difficult to prosecute. The great majority of date rapes go unreported. There is often scant physical evidence to work with. Unless the woman goes immediately to a hospital, she may not be able to demonstrate that a rape took place. In such cases it is nearly always a struggle getting victims to come forward—they are often confused and ashamed.

In the case against the Spitzers, twelve women came forward to testify. They had not consented to sex and they certainly had not been having a good time. George and Stefan’s victims came from all walks of life. Among those who came forward was a flight attendant, a college student, a woman who worked in a mall and  a lawyer. The 16 known victims were probably just the tip of the iceberg.  There is no way to know the number of Spitzer victims who never came forward.

The twins’ 79-year old father testified on their behalf, but it wasn’t enough.  Neither was the defense case which sought to portray the twins in a “boys will be boys” light. The jury could see that the defendants hadn’t been engaged in youthful hi-jinx, they were grown men and they were rapists.

The jury deliberated for little more than a day. As the jurors filed into the courtroom to deliver the verdict, five of the Spitzer twins’ victims sat in the front row and held hands. The jury found George and Stefan guilty.

Before sentencing, the twins addressed the judge, saying that none of the videotapes showed a woman being drugged and that none of the so-called victims had produced a positive drug test.

The Judge didn’t care. He saw no signs of compassion or remorse, and women simply were not safe when the Spitzer twins were free. George was sentenced to 60 years in prison and Stefan to 37 years. Their sentences were later reduced on appeal.

As they were being sentenced, the twins shook their heads in sync with one another. Then Stefan looked at George, but George didn’t look back.

Prosecutor Mary Hanlon Stone warned women: “Never let a stranger buy you a drink.”

And here’s a rule of thumb: If you suspect you’ve been drugged and/or a victim of date-rape, pee in a cup right away.


I said at the beginning of this series of posts  I discovered that the twins had been released from prison.  I couldn’t find them in the California Sex Offender Registry—they seemed to have vanished.  Of course they hadn’t vanished at all—because they were citizens of Canada they were returned there after serving their sentences.

In August 2014 the citizens of Outremont, a borough outside Montreal proper, were alarmed to discover that for five years a man with a violent criminal past was living in their midst.  The man was fifty-eight year-old George Spitzer.  He had been living in the area since his expulsion from the U.S. in 2009.  By Canadian law, authorities should have imposed a peace bond, an “810” order on George.  The 810 is made when, according to legal analyst Philip Schneider, “…you have reasonable grounds to believe there is a potential danger to the public.” Stefan Spitzer was living with conditions imposed on him—why not George?  It seemed that the reason for the snafu was down to an administrative error between the U.S. and Canadian officials.

Anyone familiar with the Spitzer’s history won’t be shocked to learn that George was arrested in 2013 for defrauding a Montreal woman of $100,000.  At least he wasn’t raping anyone.

Stefan was arrested by Montreal Police, shortly after George, for breaching an unspecified condition of his release.

I have tried to find current news regarding the Spitzer twins but so far have been unsuccessful. If there are any Canadian readers who know the status of the twins please, please let me know.

15 thoughts on “Roofie Romeos, Conclusion

  1. Great reporting. Why did one get 60 years and the only her37? Then the most obvious question why were they released? Shocking. Does Canada not do background checks?

    • Thank you, Toinette! I believe the sentences were different due to the level of culpability of each. When all was
      said and done I think both got off way too easy. Canadian authorities were aware of one of the brothers but the
      bureaucracy got in the way.


    • The Spitzers are despicable. Not surprising that they can’t stay out of trouble. They need to be in prison
      for life. Thanks for the follow-up on this. Best – Joan

    • Hi Brenda — I appeared as a crime expert in that particular episode. It was one of a few I did for the Evil Twins show.



  2. So their story is on a show called “evil twins” from 2013. The judge said they’d be old men befere ever getting back out, they served roughly 10yrs…American Justice at its finest

    • I appeared on the Evil Twins episode regarding the so-called Roofie Romeos. It was the first time I’d heard of the case and I was thoroughly disgusted. The judge tried to do the right thing. It’s my belief that prison overcrowding, and the fact that they were Canadian citizens, resulted in their early release. I heard from a couple of the victims and was appalled to learn that they had not been informed that their attackers were freed. It doesn’t matter to me if they did go directly to Canada or not, the victims should have been told. Altogether a horrendous case. And are the brothers staying out of trouble in Canada? Of course not. I try to track them as much as I can, and while they appear not to have committed further sexual assaults they have been involved in other criminal activities. Fingers crossed that they eventually land themselves back in prison where they belong.

  3. I’ve been shocked to learn today that George was released with a two-year probation. I’ve personally been approached by this creepy man in a restaurant following his return to Montreal post 2009, when he was living with his brother in Outremont. At the time, he called himself David Spitzer. I had never heard of the twins back then. He stepped out of the Bernard street restaurant briefly to return wearing a different shirt. Knowing what I know today, it was certainly his brother taking his turn at the game. I strongly believe they were still preying together on Montreal women at the time. He was still posing as a film producer. Thankfully, my instinct screamed for me to stay away. I never engaged with him in any way. So, as it stands, we understand that George is now back in Montreal, reunited with his brother. Shocking. I hope this time the neighbourhood is notified as it caused much concern in Outremont in the past.

    • Anonymous,

      Thank you for the link to the recent information regarding George Spitzer. I knew that he was in trouble for defrauding a woman of money, but had no idea that he was incarcerated for a while.

      I believe that you are right and that the brothers were still pulling what they revoltingly refered to as the “Spitzer Switch”. Your instinct to get away undoubtedly saved you from a potentially devastating enounter with one, or both, of the twins.

      They raped and abused women for their own amusement and gratification. If it was a fair world they would still be in prison. I cannot state it strongly enough, they are monsters.

      It sounds like Canadian law enforcement intends to keep a closer watch on the brothers. I sincerely hope they do. I have no doubt that the brothers will re-offend until they are no longer physically able to do so.


      • One of the twins is currently living in Montreal, he goes by the name David. My boyfriend mother is his barber and colours his hair. Literally terrifying. I went into work with her today and he was there.

        • Wow. All I can say is keep an eye on him. Wherever he is, his brother will be as well. I don’t think they are still raping women but one, or both, of the
          brothers was in trouble with the law in Canada a few years ago for defrauding a woman out of a considerable sum of money. I hope I’m wrong, but it is my
          opinion they will never be law-abiding citizens.

  4. While serving time in US, the brothers appealed on a technicality and won the right to a retrial. While the outcome would probably have been the same, I believe the prosecutor did not want to submit victims thru hell again and having them re-tell their story in court. They had been thru enough. So a deal was made where the brothers served approx X years, and expelled to Canada (the father had immigrated from east Europe to Canada). There, later, Giorgi got arrested for fraud and served 42 months prison and is now on probation. I believe they are on the Montreal police radar. Hopefully, they have decided to become law abiding citizens.

    • Thanks for the info on the Roofie Romeos. They are swine and, unfortunately, as recently as a couple of years ago they were still disregarding the law, although not committing further rapes (as far as I can tell). One can only hope that their pathetic lives are a misery. It is no more than they deserve.



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