Ho, Ho, Homicide

By January 11, 1947 Elizabeth Short had been missing for two days — yet nobody knew she was gone. Life went on, and so did the daily litany of crime in Los Angeles.

The story below is from the L.A. Times, and it is a simple one. Girl brings sailor boyfriend home for the holidays. Sailor kisses girl. Dad shoots sailor to death.


3 thoughts on “Ho, Ho, Homicide

  1. Joan- Do you know what finally happened to Mr Horner? Life did seem to go on, but I imagine people were on edge after Beth’s murder, especially Beth’s friends.

    • In this particular case there was a follow-up (which didn’t always happen). Mr. Leslie Horner received a sentence of from one to
      ten years in prison for the shooting death of his daughter’s sailor fiance. My guess is that he did the minimum.

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